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Degustabox June

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Experience Degustabox at 50% off! Use Code: D444I and pay just $9.99!

(Regular Price: $19.99 | Box Value: Approx. $30)

I received my first Degustabox this month! Degustabox is a subscription service offering a surprise package of 10-15 consumer goods each month.

The June Box included:

  • Brianna’s Dressing
  • Haribo Sour Gold-Bears
  • HONEES Cough Drops
  • Jif Cinnamon Peanut Butter
  • Orchard Valley Snack Mix
  • Steuben Foods Elmhurst Harvest Walnut Milk
  • Soy Vay Marinade
  • Topo Chico Mineral Water
  • Vita Coco Coconut Oil
  • Wise Snacks Popcorn

I went straight for the Topo Chico! The box had a bottle of Sparkling Mineral Water as well as the Twist of Lime flavor. Both were good, but I really enjoyed the lime version. It was perfect for lounging by the pool.

Topo Chico

While sipping my Topo Chico I managed to get a little too much sun (summer in South Florida) so I literally “whipped up” some Vita Coco Coconut Oil with a Vitamin E gel cap to make a body butter. It went on light and was hydrating and the perfect post-sun body treatment.

Vita Coco

Next, I tried out the Haribo Sour Gold-Bears. To be honest, I prefer the originals. But if you want a little extra pop you may want to give the sour pack a try.


In the morning I decided to go for the Jif Cinnamon Peanut Butter. I wasn’t sure what I would think of it but I really liked it! It had a touch of sweetness and went well on toast. It would also be a great dip for apple slices or to pair with banana.

Jif Cinnamon

I’ve had Brianna’s dressings before so I was excited to see their Italian Vinaigrette.

Same with the Soy Vay which makes for a great chicken teriyaki marinade.

June Box Contents

The Orchard Valley snack mixes were perfect to throw in my bag for a snack on the go. I’m not a huge cashew fan so I shared those with my mom who seemed quite pleased, but I went for the cranberry and almond mix – yum!

Orchard Valley

I haven’t had a cold or sore throat (knock on wood!) since receiving the box so I haven’t tried the HONEES cough drops yet but they sound really good with honey, essential oils and vitamins.

Wise Foods included a few bags of Sea Salt and Cinnabon popcorn. I also loved this for on the go. The bag size was great for guiltless snacking.

Degustabox Packaging

Last but not least was the Elmhurst Harvest Walnut Milk. It is – Lactose, Soy, Gluten, Casein and GMO – free. Seems like a great alternative for non-dairy milk drinkers. I’ll admit, I was very surprised how much I liked it. It had a nice flavor and was a little creamy. I think it would be a great smoothie addition.

If you’re looking for a way to try out some new products and get a fun surprise box every month, I’d give Degustabox a try and see what you think!

For more information or to order, visit Degustabox.

Experience Degustabox at 50% off! 

Use Code: D444I and pay just $9.99!

(Regular Price: $19.99 | Box Value: Approx. $30)

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Photo: Degustabox

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