May 30: EarthFare comes to Palm Beach Gardens!

Posted on May 24 2018 - 12:35pm by Cristyle
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Earthfare is coming to Palm Beach Gardens!

If you’ve seen the big box next to Midtown taking shape it’s because we have a new healthy grocery store coming to town next week.

The North Carolina-based supermarket is dedicated to providing organic foods and products. The Grand Opening week will host a number of giveaways, events and demonstrations.

The Grand Opening will be held on Wednesday, May 30, 2018 with doors opening at 7:00am.

Make sure to hop in line early on May 30th as the first 500 people will receive a mystery gift card valued up to $1000!

The first Earthfare store was opened in Asheville, NC in 1975. Back then it was called “Dinner for the Earth” and was a smaller natural food store. Since then they have become EarthFare and set standards throughout their stores, products and offerings.¬†From their Boot List for ingredients to energy efficiency to bulk offerings, their mission is clear.

Earthfare’s goal is to create an atmosphere where shoppers can purchase any item in their store without having to read a label to determine if it is good for them and their health.

Departments include:

  • Grocery
  • Deli
  • Dairy
  • Seafood
  • Produce
  • Meat
  • Bulk
  • Specialty
  • Grab & Go
  • Bakery
  • Wellness

Their food philosophy is simple.

  • No added hormones
  • No artificial fats and trans-fats
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No bleached or bromated flour
  • No antibiotics
  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • No artificial preservatives
  • No artificial colors or flavors

So come out next Wednesday and see for yourself what Earthfare is bringing to Palm Beach!


4925 PGA Blvd, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418


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