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Experience Degustabox at 50% off! Use Code: D444I and pay just $9.99!

(Regular Price: $19.99 | Box Value: Approx. $30)

Degustabox is a subscription service offering a surprise package of 10-15 consumer goods each month.

The September Box included:

  • PopCORNers Carnival Kettle Chips
  • Sparkling Bitters
  • Toosum Oatmeal Bars
  • BustaNUT Peanuts
  • Sam Mills Gluten Free Corn Quinoa Fusili
  • Entenmann’s Little Bites Mini Muffins
  • Nando’s PERi-PERi
  • English Provender
  • Michel et Augustin Little Shortbread
  • Hak’s Paks One Pot
  • Zollipops

I always like to see the mix of products they include in every box. It’s nice to see some familiar brands and products and discover some new ones along the way.

One new discovery I probably did not need to make is popCORNers Carnival Kettle Chips. Once I started, I just couldn’t stop. I devoured the bag in one sitting. And I honestly didn’t feel that guilty about it. They were so delicious and definitely on my grocery store radar moving forward.


Also in the snack department were BustaNUT peanuts. My husband took off with the Bourbon flavored bag, so I have no comment there – however – I did manage to claim the Maple Bacon for myself. They were awesome. Definitely packed with flavor and a great serving size.


I had a little nostalgic moment again with the Little Bites chocolate chip mini muffins. Those were a popular grab-and-go breakfast item growing up. I, of course, savored the bag while my daughter napped during some much needed Mommy Time.

I am excited to try out the Sam Mills fusilli pasta with her though! I always like finding interesting pastas to try (like veggie rotini and squash spaghetti) so this will be a great family dinner base. I also need to figure out this One Pot concept because it looks super cool. Work has been hectic so my cooking has been on the back burner – no pun intended.

The English Provender sampling had great variety and I liked the blend of sweet with the curd and savory with the chutneys.


I had big plans for the Michel et Augustin shortbread cookies. I was going to “enjoy them with a cup of coffee,” but then I managed to eat 3 of them before my Keurig could brew a cup so A for effort on that one! They were crisp, buttery and sweet with a hint of salt. I did share the chocolate chip box with my husband so that was a nice bonding moment.


My Degustabox delivery is a community affair it would seem. My mom always sweeps in on the tea and this time my sister and brother-in-law made out with my PERi PERi sauce. I sent the Zollipops down the street for my nieces which both they and my sister-in-law appreciated. And my daughter has been eyeing the Toosum bar which looks pretty delicious so I’m on board with that plan.

I have to admit I do a little mental happy dance when I see that box on my doorstep. It’s especially fun knowing that even if something isn’t totally my thing someone I love will probably love it and it’s cool being able to share new finds and let everyone enjoy what the month has brought.

If you’re looking for a way to try out some new products and get a fun surprise box every month, I’d give Degustabox a try and see what you think!

For more information or to order, visit Degustabox.

Experience Degustabox at 50% off! 

Use Code: D444I and pay just $9.99!

(Regular Price: $19.99 | Box Value: Approx. $30)

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