Spotlight: Meet Chef Aaron of PB Catch

Posted on Nov 29 2014 - 7:41pm by Cristyle
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Aaron Black



Aaron Black, Chef de Cuisine


PB Catch, Palm Beach, FL

Aaron Black of PB Catch will be participating at a couple of foodie events at next month’s Palm Beach Food and Wine Festival – Get to know the man behind the food before you get to taste his culinary creations.

What made you decide to become a chef? What is your culinary background?

Always loved to cook, love the tempo of the kitchen and the creative outlet.

Where do you find your inspiration in the kitchen?

I am inspired by the search for new ingredients and techniques

How did the sea-cuterie concept come about?

Seacuterie seemed like the best challange for our concept and the natural progression from my charcuterie background.



Traditionally a way to prepare pork, beef and cured meats and pates, PB CATCH is on the cutting edge of perfecting the technique with our signature approach to seafood. Our trademark specialty features salmon pastrami, smoked trout and scallops, octopus terrine and fish dips, among other things, served with condiments and garnishes.

What is your food crush / guilty pleasure of the moment?

I’ve been eating a lot of pho and thom yum ghai recently + bento boxes at Sushi Yama.

Any advice for local aspiring chefs?

To aspiring chefs (cooks): Succeed at the station your are assigned, never look past what you are doing, keep quiet, watch and notice everything that goes on in the restaurant, and dont let daily stress distract you from what is important. It will seem like you are getting nowhere, and then one day you wake up, come to work and all the techniques you have been learning start to interrelate and you ascend to the next plateau.

PB Catch

251 Sunrise Ave, Palm Beach, FL 33480


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