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Posted on Jan 27 2014 - 9:02am by Cristyle
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iBar takes center stage as you enter PGA National Resort. Around Happy Hour and most evenings, you’ll find a boisterous crowd enjoying cocktails along the bar and at surrounding tables. The atmosphere is lively while the bar works its way organically into the resort’s main lobby. I visited iBar on a busy Friday night. The crowd was an interesting blend of locals, PGA National residents, golfers and conference attendees.

The bartenders are attentive and have personality. We started off with a glass of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. For food, we ordered the Short Rib Mac n’ Cheese with three cheese sauce, braised short ribs, cavatappi pasta, and seasoned bread crumbs. The sauce was more of an alfredo and while the short rib was tasty, I wish it would have had more and been shredded  throughout the dish as it helped bring flavor into each bite. I love cavatappi and thought it was the perfect vessel for the sauce and meat. We also got a Margherita Pizza with vine-ripe tomatoes, mozzarella, parmesan, basil chiffonade and balsamic. It was as simple pizza, but had nice flavor and I liked the texture of the crust.

They have lengthy wine, cocktail and liquor menus, an all-day dessert menu and a cigar menu and with the different seating styles, iBar can really be whatever experience you care to make it. Their pricing on certain liquors seem to be a little overpriced, but  you are at a resort so that’s to be expected.

iBar shares its name with Ironwood Grille which is the neighboring restaurant serving steak, seafood and contemporary American cuisine.

Meals at the Table

short rib (n): a beef cut taken from the ribs that are meaty and tender

iBar at PGA National Resort

400 Avenue of the Champions, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418


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