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Posted on May 25 2014 - 8:19am by Cristyle
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Chef Matthew Byrne Kitchen


Chef Matthew Byrne, Owner and Executive Chef


Kitchen Restaurant, West Palm Beach FL

I am a huge fan of Kitchen in WPB. Chef Byrne and his lovely wife, Aliza, have created an intimate dining experience with a warm and inviting atmosphere and mouth-watering menu. 

Why the name “Kitchen”?

We chose the name “kitchen”, because we wanted our restaurant to be an extension of our kitchen and cook like we do at home.

If you could enjoy a meal in any person’s kitchen, whose would it be?

Anthony Bourdain

photo credit: kitchen

photo credit: kitchen

How do you come up with new dishes? What do you use for inspiration? 

Buy visiting the local fish markets and produce purveyors to see what the freshest and best is available… We buy the freshest and try to do as little as possible to it.

Our motto is “keep it simple.”

What is your food crush of the moment?

Fresh peas and soft shell crabs.

What’s next for Kitchen / the Byrnes?

Maybe a little addition for a wine bar.

Byrnes | photo credit: kitchen

The Byrnes | photo credit: kitchen

Any advice for local aspiring chefs and/or restaurant owners?

Believe in what you do, keep it simple, trust your instincts and get to know your purveyors. Most important make sure you have fun and are happy doing what you do.

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319 Belvedere Rd. West Palm Beach, FL


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