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Posted on Nov 25 2014 - 10:22am by Cristyle
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Tim Lipman, Owner


Coolinary Cafe, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Chef Tim Lipman will be one of Palm Beach County’s chefs representing at this year’s Palm Beach Food & Wine Fest next month – We took the opportunity to get to know the guy behind the popular Coolinary Cafe.

How did you come up with the name “Coolinary Cafe?”

Trying to find something unique, fun and explanatory is extremely difficult. Much of what we [my wife and business partner Jenny and I] were thinking was either too metropolitan and not really representing of us, or had already been taken. We also wanted you to be able to google our restaurant and us be the first thing to pop up. Coolinary was just a word that came to us, so we sat on it for a while asking friends and family what they think. Searched it online and eventually stuck with it.

Did you anticipate the extreme success/following of Coolinary?

We obviously hoped for it but we would never anticipate or assume any level of success. This is a very cut throat industry and could only hope that people would enjoy what we have to offer. Creating a following is key and we are extremely grateful for all the support we continue to receive.

How do you manage to do menu changes throughout the day?

Back to previous question if the want to be successful you really have to live in it. Its difficult in the beginning to constantly think of new ideas but you train your brain, you never really stop thinking about food. Pull inspiration from anywhere you can and constantly challenge yourself.   Any time I am questioned on what to do with a product, I try to come up with as many ideas as i can right away then sort them out. I want 5 ideas not one. Stay “outside of the box”. If you only cook Italian food and someone wants a new dish, chances are, it will be Italian inspired. I stay away from that repetitiveness.

What is your food crush / guilty pleasure of the moment?

I love chicken wings. It’s not really anything new or anything that is gonna change. We have been smoking them a lot then finishing them on the grill. Toss them in something a little sweet, a little sour and a lot of spice and I will do some damage. Chicken wings are so good to me I have to remember to come up for air.

What’s next for the Lipmans?

Not real sure right now, our focus is on Coolinary.   The Coolinary crew is growing and maturing though, so some much needed family time will be nice. We did just move into a new house with some land so we look forward to growing some vegetables this spring.

Any advice for local aspiring chefs or restaurant owners?

Every day you should aim to be a little better than the day before, you can always improve on something. Set goals. Put in the work. If you have to question whether or not something is right, then you already know your answer. Make a new one!!!!

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Coolinary Cafe

4650 Donald Ross Rd #110, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418


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