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Posted on Feb 25 2014 - 10:10am by Cristyle
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Tom Montgomery, Bartender/Assistant Brewer


Tequesta Brewing Company, Tequesta, FL

What’s your Favorite part of working at TBC?

I would have to say the overall atmosphere that is created at TBC. It all starts with our customers, everyone is really laid back which makes it easy to get in on some good conversations. The people I work with are all awesome, hard working, and unique. We produce and serve a lot of beer with just a very small staff. The bosses Matt and Fran are top notch guys and show that they care and appreciate us, so its just a good work environment all across the board. Oh, the quality control and the free beer are a plus also.

Tequesta Brewing Bar

How do you choose the name of your beers?

Most of the time they just come from natural conversation. We like to sit around and drink beer until a good name comes up, the best ones usually come late into the evening. We are open to beer name suggestions if anyone has any good ideas!

What’s your favorite beer at the moment?

From TBC I’m drinking a lot of the Chancellor lately, it’s a German Kolsch which is just a really nice, delicate, golden ale that never fails to satisfy. Although, we do have a wine barrel aged sour double IPA coming out soon that I am excited for. Other than TBC beers I tend to stay as local as possible, there are some great beers being made right here in Florida and you can’t go wrong with fresh local product.

Tequesta Brewing Chancellor

If you could travel anywhere in the world to taste beer, where would you go?

In my opinion the best beers are being made right here in the US. What I would like to do is a road trip in the Fall up the East Coast, from Florida to Maine, stopping at as many breweries as possible and hopefully getting some good hurricane swells to surf along the way.

Whats coming up for TBC? 

For now we are just going to keep serving the local community fresh hand crafted beers and have some fun while doing it. You can find us at a lot of your favorite bars and restaurants around Palm Beach County as well as our tap room in Tequesta, and you all do a fine job at keeping us busy.

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Tequesta Brewing Company

287 U.S. 1, Tequesta, FL 33469


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